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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Summary of The Dahlem Initiative

Author: E.J.Egerton
Series: Alsos Vol.1-A Sheridan and Cook Novel
Genre: Historical Fiction Espionage
Publisher :Paideia
Publication Date: May 1, 2017

The Dahlem Initiative

   World War Two is ending in Europe.The alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union is unraveling.Both countries are racing to acquire a Atomic Bomb.
   The Nazis have created an process using an ultracentrifuge which produces highly enriched Uranium.Two American Counter-Intelligence Agents, Josh Sheridan and John Cook are sent to infiltrate a Nazi submarine U-398, which is transporting enriched Uranium to Germany’s ally, Japan.The two men capture the sub and verify that the Uranium is sufficiently enriched to make a A-bomb.
   Within twenty four hours after the mission on the sub, the two men are sent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Dahlem, a suburb of Berlin. Their orders are to capture the enrichment process inventors and the ultracentrifuge.
   Their team contains a Soviet Mole.
   They have six days to complete their mission before the Red Army surrounds Berlin and cuts off their escape.

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